Caravan Logbook Leather Cover

Caravan Logbook Leather Cover

Our Caravan Logbook Leather Cover is stylish and practical. Keeping a log of your trips in one place can be very helpful for organising your travel experiences. The cover itself is made from a quality veg-tanned cow leather and can be personalised. They also make for a perfect gift for someone hitting the road on their long awaited adventure.

On the front of your cover you can choose to have the old style caravan and family cartoon characters. You may also wish to add the name of your van and your family name.

See example:

We supply the caravan logbook


    • The front part of the Caravan/Camper Log Book allows to you note down where you stayed, rate it, and jot down some notes that you can refer to later.
    • The back part allows you to keep track of the kilometers the caravan or trailer travels.
    • There is a fuel column too.
    • Endorsed by the Caravan Industry.


    • A5 SIZE – 2 entries per page.
    • Room for over 160 entries.
    • Spiral plastic coated wire bound.